Modular Methodology for SCADA Systems

The validation of a SCADA always presents particular challenges: to be able to adapt to the pace of growth of the implementation of the SCADA, the incorporation of new control units, PLCs, new equipment, etc. Every enhancement must be validated, including the qualification of the new elements, always ensuring that there is no effect on the base platform.

In the projects to validate SCADA systems where CSV Experts has participated, we take as a fact that the validation should take into consideration the following principles:

  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • Homogenity
  • Agility

As a direct consequence we offer a strategy that distinguishes between the common elements of the platform and those affected by new projects. With all of this we define different approaches:

  • Validation of the base platform: this includes the common functional and maintenance elements of the SCADA system: security management, recording and displaying of data, issue of reports, back up etc. Within this phase it is necessary to qualify the basic system functions only once.

  • Validation of each control cell or individual project: this second phase, due to the constant growth of the elements, represents the principal challenge to implementation and validation. For this we advocate the creation of model protocols that will be applicable to each new implementation.

In this way, after the initial validation effort, any new project that is to be included can be qualified in an agile way and based on a company standard that we know fulfills all the established regulatory requirements.

The above strategy is the result of having worked on many different projects.

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