Warehouse management systems

The correct storage of materials in appropriate conditions is more and more a task which is under the control of computerised Warehouse Management systems.

The processes that should be verified within the scope of application of GDP are:

  • Goods receiving processes.
  • Paletisation and storage in areas appropriate for the product type (general area, cold areas, freezers, cytostatics, psychotropics, etc.)
  • Application of administrative quarantine.
  • Delivery order generation.
  • Preparation for shipping, respecting the FEFO criteria when selecting product to be sent…

The particular characteristics and processes that are carried out in every warehouse must be reflected in the validation tests.  Furthermore, the use of different technologies must be specifically addressed and the validation tests will cover:

  • Use of radio-frequency readers (RFID).
  • Storage of materials in automated SILOS.
  • Picking preparation systems using pick-to-light

Additionally, the validation covers the preparation of all the necessary documentation in each of the phases of storage, always fulfilling the defined GDP requirements:

  • Reception labels.
  • Dispatch labels.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Bills.

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